When Do You Need A DUI Lawyer in Ottawa?

You have gotten arrested recently and a DUI case has been filed against you. You have been spending your spare time reading details about your case so that you will know everything about it before you appear in court. Perhaps you have decided that you do not need a DUI lawyer in Ottawa after you have seen the costs. It is true that you have to pay for a lot of things. Aside from attorney fees, you will also be dealing with possible repercussions of getting the case. You may have lost your job in the process and you may have to pay for bail.

A DUI can impact your life in a way that you do not want to. You may lose the following:

  • Driving privileges
  • Your job
  • The respect of your peers and even family members

The fact that you may also have to spend time in jail is also enough to unnerve you. Let me ask you, don’t you think you really need Celine Dostaler, DUI lawyer to help you out? You may have gone through your case a hundred times. In fact, you have already considered the different pros and cons of your case. You know the things that should be emphasized to make your case greater but do you think that the court will listen?

Being in court can be an intimidating experience especially since you do not know anybody. Representing yourself may not be a good idea also if the DUI case filed against you is serious. If you would decide to plead guilty to your case, this is the only time when you do not need to hire an Ottawa DUI lawyer anymore. A lot of judges give the same sentence to people who have been given a DUI for the first time. This will also spare you a lot of trouble and expenses.

If you need to plea bargain however, this is the time when hiring a lawyer is inevitable. No matter how much information you seek to read about your case, you will not have a full understanding of what you have to do. Definitely, you need to change your DUI to a lesser offense that will give you less jail time and will probably lessen the fines that you have to pay for.

If in case you do not have any funds to hire reputable impaired driving lawyer Ottawa, do not worry because you can always opt for the public defender to help you. Public defenders still have some knowledge about DUI and will do their best in order to lessen the case filed against you. Going with the public defender can be a hit or a miss because there are some public defenders that are good at what they do and will truly try to help you but there are also some who would not bother and will only do mediocre work.

Remember that if you are going to go on trial and if you are not sure about the process you have to take, and then hire an attorney. Just search for a DUI lawyer Ottawa on the Internet that can offer his services in a rate that you can afford.